Cafe Latino Radio

is produced  at WLRD

WRLD International Radio

Not only is WRLD proud to be Fairfax County's international channel, but it also features radio programs in languages other than English. WRLD can be found on Cox Cable Channel 30 and Verizon FIOS Channel 30.

When Channel 30 is not running programs, listen to new music from around the globe. During various days and times the radio shows are live! Call the studio at 703-876.9753 to share your feedback and ideas.

WLRD is a free-form, non-commercial station playing a unique mix of genres & styles. The shows you hear are conceived, created, produced and broadcast by volunteer radio producers who want to share their love of music, talk or ideas with you. All the content is programmed by each individual producer and not by corporate radio robots!

Call into the studio and give us your feedback at 703.560.TALK .

Listen to us on TuneIn Radio on the web or with your smartphone!